- Are the RIV (Rustic Italian Volpinos) a good choice for a first time owner?
- Yes, they are!
But same as all the dogs they need time and attention. If you don't have time to spend with them better not getting a dog.

- Are the RIV appropriate dogs for a family with small children?
- Yes,
The RIV have the right temperament to be great with children as they are not nervous as some other dog breeds often are. Most of our puppies successfully joined families with children, anyway the dogs are not toys for children and the children need to be educated about how to interact with dogs.

- Are the RIV a good choice for a family with other dogs?
The RIV (if well socialised) are very sociable dogs, they are able to live in a pack with one or more dogs (bigger or smaller) as long as they have enough space and the other dogs are well socialised. All our puppies starts a very early socialisation with our adults RIV.

- Can the RIV live in homes with cats or other pets?
The RIV are perfect farm dogs, thanks to their low prey drive (if well socialised) they can live well with cats, chickens, rabbits, horses etc.

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