Rustic Italian Volpino (Traditional Rustic Type) also known as Italian little fox, this dog breed is still very rare in the UK but it's very famous in Italy and considered the traditional dog of the Italian country side. They are famous for their strong health, longevity and weather resistance (cold and hot). The Volpino is perfect for all kinds of dog's owners, for families with kids, other dogs and other animals. The Volpino fits perfectly any kind of life style, walking/running in the park, in the city, on the beach, in fields, montain hiking trails or simply relaxing in the house.
This particular type of Volpino has a very special fur, it doesn't require difficult and expensive care\grooming because it isn't long like the show type dogs but shorter.
They are famous to be very strong and healthy so they don't require expensive veterinary visits.
The Rustic Italian Volpinos can be quite different than the Show Italian Volpinos described in the ENCI/FCI official Breed Standard.
Instead of the standardized Show Volpino the Rustic Italian Volpino can have lightly different sizes, colours, head shapes and body shapes as they have never been bred to resemble an esthetic standard but only for functional /working purposes.
We will describe the main characteristics of a Rustic Italian Volpino and what we personally consider more functional and desirable.
The Rustic Italian Volpino is a Medium-Small "foxy looking" dog with erected pointed ears, curled tail and medium-long fur.
The Rustic Italian Volpino's head that we're willing to select must resemble as much as possible the fox head, with almond shaped eyes and lightly pronounced stop with a good muzzle length.
It should have a scissor bite and the teeth should have a good size, especially canines, premolars and  molars. A level bite is tolerated, but not desirable.

It is absolutely not typical and not desirable a well-rounded "apple dome" skull and large, round or protruding eyes.

The Rustic Italian Volpino has a very particular coat.
Unlike many other Show bred Spitz type dogs, the Rustic Italian Volpinos have a very "natural" and functional coat, during the winter they have a beautiful double coat, with a good undercoat that protects them from cold, snow, rain and wind.
Just like other dog breeds and wild animals (ex. wolves and foxes), during the early summer they start shedding loosing their undercoat in order to deal with the hot weather. This natural process can drastically change their looking until the autumn.
During the shedding is enough to brush them daily for a week.  
In autumn their undercoat will start to grow back in order to be ready again for the cold season just as nature intended.

Like other primitive dog breeds the Rustic Italian Volpinos have never been strictly selected to follow specific orders. That makes them more independent and less willing to please their owners.
To create a better domestic partnership they need their owners to be strong leaders and not only weak dog parents. They tend to be really "food driven", so using some tasty treats for their training is a must.
On the other side the Volpino is a great family dog also recommended for first time dog owners, if well socialized they are great with children other dogs and animals like cats, rabbits, chickens, horses etc.
They are always curious, alert and ready to alarm in case of any potential danger as intruders, thiefs, fires or Amazon deliveries (lol).

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